Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sorry Ive been MIA!

My husband has been on block leave since the 19th till yesterday so we have been busy doing little day trips going to all the beauitful places here in WA. I had a list and we managed to cover everywhere except the Olympic National Forest. We went to Northwest Trek, a FABULOUS place to take your kids. Visited serveral waterfalls. We went to Ocean Shores to play at the Pacific beach and ended up getting our car stuck in the sand! LOL!! We went to Leavenworth and had some awesome german food and had a beer in the beer garden. They are doing major construction on the downtown so made things alot more difficult to get around with a stroller but still very cool to see. My favorite place was going to Mt St Helen's National Park. That was sooo cool!!! They have a couple really neat museums about the blast and the observitory was really cool to get that close to the volcano. We've still not gone and done the tourist stuff in Seattle, so we're planning on staying there for a weekend the next time DH has a long weekend. Right now Im beginning to work on my convention swap. My goal is to get 5 cards done a day. I'll post the first set of 10 cards I just finished soon.

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