Sunday, June 15, 2008

Onesie Card and New Chair!

I have been wanting a giant bean bag chair for as long as I can remember. I have alot of fond memories sitting in my Mama Sue's chair as a child growing up. Now after moving here to WA, I went over to a friends house whom had one and asked where she got it. She pointed me to the LoveSac web site..but sorry over $500 is just TOO much. So I did some surfing and came across the ComfySack web site. Now these prices were much more realistic! Almost $300 less!! So I couldnt resist and finally ordered my very own giant bean bag!! Here's my son Donovan modeling the chair. I just LOVE IT!!!! Next is the famous onesie card I keep seeing everyone making. So I went to this blog, and finally made one myself. My version isnt anything special. I was pretty much just trying it out and seeing if I could do it. It's alot smaller than I thought it was but pictures have a way of decieving you. I got asked my one of my BFs to make some baby shower invites. Though Im not sure if I want to do this card for that. Its alot of work to do alot of cards for..if it was for my actual BF, I wouldnt even think twice about the work but its for her brother's gf so maybe I'll do something alittle simpler.

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