Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Well I had a very busy pleasant Mother's Day yesterday. In the morning, DH made breakfast for me....but I had to walk him thru the whole process. Who would have thought pancakes were so difficult! LOL! Then he took my oldest son to get some you can see here. I just planted some lilies in the front of the house so I think thats why Donovan picked these. I just love lilies!! DH also helped him write his name on the card...sooo cute. They also got a balloon but it got a hole as soon as they got home...oh well, its the thought right?! Then we all went to a going away party for one of DH's buddies. It was at a beautiful lakeside park in post. Very pretty but was very windy. Donovan wanted to go fishing sooo bad. Well have to get him a fishing pole soon. Then we went to Target and Kohls for Mother's Day sales. Then DH was craving spagetti for dinner so we went to Dirty Dave's pizza and spagetti is very rare to get a nice meal for the 3(1/2) of us for only $20!!!! So over all it was a very nice Mother's Day.

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