Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I turn 24 today!!

Today is my 24th birthday....YAY!!! Though after you turn 21, birthdays are not as exciting as before. You reach the age where you just get cards and no gifts...but you're also at the age where you start buying gifts for yourself!! This year I got myself a sewing machine...yes another hobby. I got a super deal on it so I couldnt pass it up. DH is excited about it, he has all these plans for things he wants me to make him. I did recieve gifts from my mom whom as a fellow stamper always gets me the best gifts. This year she got my the light cutter and a subscription to Martha Stewart's Living. YAY!!! Anyways...I didnt get to finish my star book for my mom yesterday. I was waiting for some recent pictures of my nephew from my SIL. I didnt get them till late yesterday so I just finished it today. So here's it is!! Note, you see my new sewing machine in the background :)!

You can find the intructions HERE. Its not perfect being my 1st time trying it. But it was alot easier to do than it appears. I used Summer Picnic Design Paper, Tart and Tangy stamp set, and I also used the retired set Fruity Phrases. I know my mom will just LOVE it, I used pictures of all her grandsons plus an ultrasound picture of her newest grandson Jacob...who is due to be born anyday now!!

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Mary said...

Wow, this is fantastic!