Saturday, January 22, 2011

Altered Vera Bradley Purse

I bought a new Vera Bradley Purse but in my excited that it had a leather strap I overlooked the fact it did not zip or snap shut. I have a tendency to drop or dump my purse, so having it snap shut was a must for me. But it was problem easily solved. I went to Jo Anns and bought some magnetic snaps and applied them to the purse. But now I had a new problem. The outside of the snap was showing and was not appealing to the was an EYE SORE! So I started going thru my different sets of brads, trying to find something that was around the same size and had 4 of. Came across an unopened box of Antique Brads and load and behold. Perfect size and perfect color. So I slid the brad into the opening, applied some super glue and now no more eye sore!! Very happy with the results. Love it when something turns out right for once. :)

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